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Benefits of the Web Room Booking System (WRB)

  • when presented with a list of available rooms for the date/s required, you can click on the room number and it shows you details about that room including a photo of the room
  • there is also a description of the building the room is in and a click on that takes you to a map of campus to find that room
  • a timetable icon next to the available room takes you directly to the room timetable for that room so you can see at a glance when it is free for that week
  • you can click on “earlier start” or “later start” to see different availability for that date or even “earlier day” or “later day” so can see the day before or day after’s availability
  • direct links at the footer of each page to week conversion chart, link to timetable reports, our CTT website, FAQs, Room photos for all Centrally Timetabled Rooms and a link to our alternative venues
  • if you want a meaningful reference for your adhoc booking you can add this on page 3 of the booking form and it will then be viewable both in the comments section of the activities by department report and on the room timetable that the booking is scheduled into – all reports are available on our timetable system, accessed from this page.
  • each booking is numbered incrementally, ie reference X.AO.CP.000016, so as before your booking reference will be prefixed with X, then your department code, then initials, and then a unique number
  • you can see and manage all your bookings made via WRB by clicking on “my bookings” with the WRB application
  • you can also cancel any booking made via “my bookings” directly.
  • the system looks for rooms close to the the group size you put in so you're not presented with over sized rooms. If you're looking to book a specific room and it's not showing as available try putting in the group size quite close to the capacity of the room. See room list for room capacities. You can see room timetables online if you want to check availability before you try to book via WRB at Select "Location" from the relevant academic year's viewing platform to view room timetables.


Please click here to access the online booking system