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Copyright Controlled Material

A person, club or society (“Event Organiser”) who applies for and is authorised to use a University centrally timetabled room (“Room”) shall be responsible for all aspects of the use of the Room including ensuring that the use of any third party content ( whether accessed through University’s computer facilities or through a third party device and/ or remotely) that is accessed and viewed in the Room has all the necessary licenses and permissions (Approvals) required from the rights holder. Accordingly, the Event Organiser shall be responsible for obtaining any and all required Approvals and the University may reasonably require evidence from the Event Organiser that such Approvals have been obtained as part of its Room booking process and in any event the Event Organiser shall indemnify the University from and against any and all claims from a rights holder claiming that content was used without the necessary license or permission including any claims for fees that should have been paid and any costs and expenses that the University may incur in defending a claim from a third party.”