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Student Charter for use of Teaching Rooms

This charter sets out what students can expect from the University of Warwick in relation to the use, booking and availability of rooms for social, study and non-timetabled activities, and what the University expects from its students.

The University will:

  • Provide a number of teaching and performance spaces for students and student societies to use for social and academic activities up until 10pm every evening;
  • Complete a room booking or, where further discussion is required, aim to acknowledge the booking request within 1 working day unless notified otherwise;
  • Offer alternative arrangements, should alternatives be available, in instances where a booking request cannot be completed.

The University can expect that students/society reps will:

  • Respect and adhere to the terms and conditions of room usage.
  • Have a professional and responsible attitude to the booking of rooms and attend all bookings made; or ensure that appropriate notice of cancellation is given when rooms are no longer required. Unused bookings present a security risk on campus, particularly in the evenings and at weekends.
  • Only make bookings that are genuinely required and consider a collegial attitude when planning bookings across the academic year. Give consideration to the needs of fellow students before block booking rooms. Unnecessary and excessive booking of rooms restricts availability for other users.
  • Consider the most appropriate space for their event, and request use of the space accordingly.
  • Not book rooms of a larger capacity than their event/activity requires. Doing so restricts fellow students with a genuine requirement for a large space from holding events.
  • Support the Timetabling Team in processing bookings by nominating a single designated representative to make and manage bookings on behalf of student societies to ensure a more coordinated approach to room booking and prevent double booking of space.
  • Provide the Timetabling Team with accurate data regarding rooms booking requirements.
  • Adhere to health and safety requirements, including the maximum capacity of rooms. Students must not exceed the stated capacity of a room booked.
  • Respect the furniture, equipment and appearance of rooms, and not remove any furniture or equipment from any room. The rooms are used for teaching activities and any damage to the rooms restricts the teaching facilities available to other students and loss of furniture disrupts teaching time.
  • Behave appropriately and not disrupt nearby users of other teaching, office and social spaces, and by reducing noise levels in a room if asked to do so by staff or students working nearby.
  • Not take or consume food and drink in centrally timetabled rooms.
  • Return the room to its standard layout at the end of the booking.
  • Report any faults with equipment and/or furniture to the relevant department.
  • Take responsibility for the condition of the room booked, and cover and costs relating to damage/loss from the room. Where damage is significant University disciplinary procedures are liable to be followed and future room booking rights removed.
  • Comply with requests from Security personnel. Security staff are on hand to ensure the safety and security of all users and rooms campus; instructions from Security colleagues should be followed at all times.
  • Provide, on request from Security staff, proof of booking confirmation.