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Student Use of AV Equipment

  • Students may use the AV equipment in all centrally timetabled rooms.
  • The equipment is designed for ease of operation and the control systems are mostly self-explanatory. Care must be exercised in the use of the equipment, especially in ensuring that the projector is switched off after use
  • AV Services will provide a demonstration of the lectern operation if required. This would normally take place during normal support hours at a time previously agreed between the presenter/organiser and AV Services (ext 22463). It would take place either in the room to be used or, if the room is unavailable at the time, in a room with a similar system (subject to a suitable room being available).
  • The AV equipment should not be used inappropriately, eg. the playing of videos or DVDs licenced for home use only.
  • Students wishing to use the equipment for academic reasons (e.g. to prepare a presentation) should ask their department to make a room booking with the CTT office.
  • It should be noted that AVS does not supply or support equipment other than that installed in the room for teaching purposes. Additional AV equipment has been installed in large lecture theatres specifically for use by Warwick Hospitality. This equipment is not supported by AV Services other than for pre-arranged conferences being managed by Warwick Hospitality.

For further information on audio visual facilities on offer, please contact Audio Visual Services on 22463, or visit their web site:

Audio Visual Services