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Student Opportunity

Student Opportunity

Making the most of every opportunity

What is Student Opportunity?

Student Opportunity enables you to develop a global perspective, become culturally aware, and have confidence in achieving your vision of career success. We do this by supporting you to engage with a rich and varied range of experiences and opportunities helping you to achieve your full potential.

The teams in Student Opportunity are outlined below.


We empower you to personalise your career path, build confidence and explore career possibilities. We support you with recruitment and selection processes and bring hundreds of employers, of all sizes and from all sectors, to campus for fairs and other events.

Immigration & Compliance

We provide expert immigration services from pre-arrival through to graduation and beyond, seeking to influence government to deliver a fair and simple immigration system.

Internships & Work Experience

We help you secure opportunities and gain the maximum benefit from work experience, supporting you through online learning, managed programmes and access to bursaries.


We offer workshops, advice and online learning to support you in developing the Warwick Core Skills. These have been identified to help you articulate and demonstrate the learning and practises you will develop during your time at Warwick.

Student Internationalisation

We strive to internationalise the student experience for all, facilitating integration and helping you develop intercultural curiosity and competence. We support international students’ transition to Warwick and participation in student life.

Student Mobility

We provide opportunities for you to learn beyond the boundaries of nation, culture and the curriculum, supporting full-year and short-term mobility to ensure you benefit from a global experience.

Warwick Volunteers

We enable you to access a wide range of volunteering opportunities, enabling you to gain experience and transferable skills whilst benefiting the local community.


We deliver an inclusive, enriching and vibrant welcome programme to give you the best possible start to life at Warwick, supporting you whenever you arrive throughout the year and your ongoing transition.

Warwick in Africa

We support a network of partner schools across Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania to offer an enhanced learning experience for young people to help them build a positive and fulfilling future.