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Get work experience

How can work experience help me?

Having some experience of work before you leave university has many benefits, more than you might first think. Not only can it help you gain genuine examples and evidence to support future applications and interviews, it can also help you make important decisions about what career you want to pursue.

Anything that allows you to develop professional skills can be a form of work experience, so there are many different possibilities to suit different needs. Use the links below to explore opportunities.

From the Arts Centre to the Academic Office, browse the campus experience pool to find paid and volunteer opportunities right here at Warwick.

Used by employers specifically looking to recruit Warwick students, all vacancies on myAdvantage are screened by our advisers to ensure you find the best opportunities.

Outside of the resources we provide there are hundreds of alternative ways to look for volunteering opportunties and work experience.

Work Experience Programmes

  • Warwick Summer Internships (WSI) - 120+ paid 6+ week experiences, exclusively for Warwick undergraduate students, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), charities and internal departments of the University. Please note, applications for WSI 2018 have now closed.
  • Work experience bursaries - Warwick Work Experience (WWEB) and Warwick Enhanced Summer Work Experience (WESWEB). Our work experience bursaries offer up to £600 to access work experience that develops your professional skills and enhances your CV.
  • Work Experience Learning & Development online Moodle course - developed to help you make the most of your work experience opportunity.

More opportunities


The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme enables undergraduate students to carry out a summer research project.


WMG runs a number of Internship and Work Placement programmes for undergraduate students each year.