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University card policy

This policy refers to the University of Warwick staff, student and visitor identification card: 'your University card'. The policy applies equally to all cardholders regardless of current status or the type of card issued.

  • Your University card is your day to day evidence of being a student or staff member of the University.
  • Each member of the University is only allowed one current card. If a new card is issued, any older cards are automatically withdrawn.
  • Your University card is issued to you at the start of your course or employment.
  • Your University card is issued to you personally and should never be given to, or used by, anyone else.
  • Your University card should be used whenever ID is required.
  • You are responsible for your card and its use until such time as the card is surrendered or reported as lost or stolen.
  • University cards remain the property of the University and should be returned for destruction upon leaving.
  • Your card is not valid after the expiry date printed on the front but it may be withdrawn at any time and the possession of a card, or the dates printed on a card, should not be relied upon as proof of the validity of University membership. This end date will normally be: the date of the completion of your studies; the end date of your contract (if less than five years from date of issue); or may be blank (if you are a permanent member of staff or your contract has more than five years remaining). If your card expires before you finish your studies or before your contract expires, you must obtain a new card from University House reception.
  • Your card contains a photograph of you and it should not be obscured or defaced in any way. The University will use the photograph to establish the correct identity of the cardholder in some circumstances. You should request a replacement card if your appearance changes significantly, or you undergo a change of name or a change of relationship with the University (for example – changing from staff to student status).
  • You are not permitted to make replicas of a University card or otherwise copy its visual or electronic data.
  • You should report lost or stolen cards online, or to University House reception during normal office hours but as soon as practicable. Lost cards remain the responsibility of the cardholder until such time as they are reported.