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Heads of Department Message 27 May


As mentioned in my recent update, attached is the New University Safeguarding Policy and Online Safeguarding Guidance.

As background, at its meeting on the 14th February, the Steering Committee approved a new version of the University’s Safeguarding Policy which has been re-drafted to provide clarity on what we mean by “safeguarding” and on our responsibilities towards the children and Adults at Risk engaging in University-led activities.

The publication of this new version has been held back until now as we have all had much to do in response to coronavirus. However as your staff become more active online supporting WP programmes, Summer Schools and Admissions related activities, it’s important that you have the new Safeguarding Policy and related Guidance on Online Safeguarding. These documents have not yet been published on the Intranet as we wished to share them with Heads of Department and other key staff first. A copy of the new Safeguarding Policy and Guidance on Online Safeguarding is attached to this email. Please share them as appropriate with relevant key staff in your department.

The revised Safeguarding Policy has been set within the University’s Principles and Values framework and provides clear definitions and outlines our responsibilities for safeguarding. Detailed advice on processes and procedures will be provided by a growing “library” of associated templates and guidance documents, such as the attached guidance on Online Safeguarding, but you can also seek advice from the University’s Safeguarding Team via

You will find that the Policy sets out specific safeguarding “roles” both centrally and within departments. The departmental roles already exist in some form in a number of departments and in most cases form a relatively small part of a wider role, however where these roles do not already exist the Safeguarding Team will help you identify what roles (if any) are needed in your particular circumstances. Training will be provided for anyone whose role includes safeguarding, whether at a basic level as a Departmental Safeguarding Contact, or as Departmental Safeguarding Officer in those departments that are involved in extensive relevant activity.

Establishing safeguarding roles in those departments that need them, will clearly take some time and we are fully aware that at the moment there are many other concerns that will need your full attention. As circumstances permit over the coming weeks / months, meetings will be arranged with all departments to answer any questions you may have and to discuss how this policy would best be implemented in your department. If you have any concerns now, please contact the University Safeguarding Team via and they will do their best to address them.

A final point is that Funding Bodies, Partner Organisation and collaborators sometimes ask for a copy of our Safeguarding Policy. If you are asked for a copy of our Safeguarding Policy, the attached document is the current approved version which will shortly replace the version published on our intranet. If for some reasons you need to implement this policy within your department more quickly than the steady roll-out planned, please let the University Safeguarding Team know via so that they can help you move this forward.



Professor Christine Ennew OBE