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10 Jun

Repaying Your Student Loan

As it comes to the end of the academic year, and the end of your degree for many, you might be starting to think about how you are going to pay back your Student Loan.

Tags: Term 3
03 Jun

Graduation Costs

As you prepare to graduate, let's dive into the basic graduation expenses you should be aware of.

Tags: Term 3
28 May

Part-Time Jobs and Side Hustles

Some students may not consider part-time jobs or side hustles because they may seem difficult to fit around university commitments.

Tags: Term 3
20 May

Smart Shopping

Here are five top tips for smart shopping you can use to maximize your savings

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13 May

Travelling as a Student

Travelling as a student is, undoubtedly, an exciting experience and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

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06 May

Awareness of Support Available

University can feel lonely and overwhelming, but you are not alone!

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29 Apr

Meal Prep on a Budget

One of the most effective techniques for keeping your food budget under control is to plan, prepare, and portion your meals ahead of time.

Tags: Term 3
22 Apr

Getting Money Sorted

Exams are approaching fast, but getting your money sorted now means one less thing to worry about during the exam period.

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04 Mar

Reapplying to Student Finance

It might feel like you have barely finished last year's student finance application, but it's that time of year again and time to reapply to secure your funding for the next academic year!

Tags: Term 2
26 Feb

Available Support

The university has a number of safety nets available to support those struggling.

Tags: Term 2
19 Feb

Checking Your Rent Contract

Tenancy agreements can be long and confusing, but it is important to understand the contents.

Tags: Term 2
12 Feb

Saving for a Safety Net

If you have room in your budget to put some money aside for savings, it can give you real peace of mind, as you know you’ll be prepared if the unexpected happens.

Tags: Term 2
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