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Schools and Teachers

For many young people and their families, finance continues to be one of the biggest barriers to furthering their studies at higher education level. The Student Funding Outreach team can provide support to students, their parents and carers and your staff around fees, funding and budgeting at university.

All of our workshops and presentations are delivered in school and offer impartial information and guidance, enabling learners to make informed decisions as they decide on their next steps to accessing Higher Education. Have a look at our testimonials page to see some of the feedback we have received on our sessions, for example, one student commented after our session:

'It was a great talk, I feel in a much better position regarding applying for finance'

An example of the sessions we offer are detailed below or we can work with you to tailor something to your needs. Please get in touch!

Please be aware we are only able to work with schools in Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midland area.

Suitable for…

Time preferred

Suggested group size


Year 12 students

50min - 1 hour


Living and Learning on a Budget

This workshop provides students with an overview of how student finance works, covering entitlements through to loan repayments. By taking part in some interactive activities, students will start to think about the costs they will have at university and how to identify priority and non-priority spending. This session will equip students with some practical research they can undertake to prepare to manage their finances well.

This session is a good introduction to student finance and budgeting, why not follow up with The Big Student Budget Challenge?

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Year 13 students

50mins - 1 hour


The Big Student Budget Challenge

Have a go at managing on a student income! In this session, students will get a sense of the realities of budgeting by deciding how to spend their student loan. Will they be living on baked beans by the end of term?

Through this session, students will gain practical budgeting skills that they can apply to their own circumstances.

This session assumes a familiarity with the student finance system. If your students haven’t already received information about this, please consider booking our Living and Learning on a Budget session first.

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Parents and carers

30 minutes

No upper limit

Supporting Students with Finance

This presentation provides an overview of how the student finance system works from how entitlements are calculated through to application and repayment. We will also look at some practical ways parents and carers can support a young person with their financial journey through university.

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30 minutes

No upper limit

Introduction to Student Finance

Gain a deeper understanding of student finance through this presentation, an overview of how the student finance system works from how entitlements are calculated through to application and repayment. We will also look at some of the financial challenges students might face when considering a place at university and how they can address them.

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*We may be able to accommodate larger groups please indicate your requirements on the booking form.