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School Staff

For many young people and their families, finance continues to be one of the biggest barriers to furthering their studies at higher education level.

The Student Funding Outreach team can provide support through events to students, their parents/ carers and your staff around student finance, funding and budgeting at University.

Our Events

All of our workshops and presentations offer impartial information and guidance, enabling learners to make informed decisions as they decide on their next steps to accessing higher education.

The sessions that we offer are detailed below. To book one of these sessions, please complete our online Booking Form. If you would like to discuss tailoring an event to your needs, please contact us via email in the first instance at

We ordinarily only offer events on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you are interested in booking an event on a Monday or a Friday, please contact us directly via email to discuss your preferences, prior to completing the Booking Form.

Please be aware, we are only able to conduct in-person events with schools in the Coventry, Warwickshire and West Midland area. If your school falls outside our catchment area, we can offer you a virtual presentation instead.


Take a look at our testimonials page to see some of the feedback we have received on our events.

Student Testimonial: "It was a great talk, I feel in a much better position regarding applying for finance."

Living and Learning on a Budget

  • In-person workshop
  • Targeted at Year 12 students
  • Group size: 40
  • Duration: 50 minutes - 1 hour

This financial capability workshop provides students with an overview of how student finance works. This includes providing information about applications, entitlements, and loan repayments. The workshop also provides information about how students can top up their income (e.g., bursaries, scholarships, part-time work etc).

By taking part in interactive activities, students will start to think about the costs they will have at University and how to distinguish between priority and non-priority spending.

This session will give students some practical research steps that they can take away to learn more about how they can manage their individual finances at University.

The Big Student Budget Challenge

  • In-person workshop
  • Targeted at Year 13 students
  • Group size: 40
  • Duration 50 minutes - 1 hour

In this financial capability workshop students will learn about student finance, from applications to repayments. Students are also encouraged to think about ways in which they can top up their income at University (e.g., part-time work, savings, help from home etc).

By part-taking in our interactive activities, students will get a sense of budgeting realities by deciding how to spend a student loan in various scenarios. This will allow students to gain practical budgeting skills that they can apply to their own circumstances.

Students will be equipped with knowledge of the next research steps they need to take in order to financially prepare for University.

Funding Your University Studies

  • In-person or virtual presentation  
  • Targeted at Year 12, Year 13 or both
  • Group size: No upper limit
  • Duration: 30 minutes

This presentation provides an overview of the student finance system works from how entitlements are calculated through to application and repayment.

This presentation also covers alternative ways for students to top up their income (e.g., bursaries and scholarships) as well as discussing some of the costs of going to University.

Students will be given the opportunity to ask the team any student finance or funding queries that they have at the end of the presentation.

Supporting Students with Finance

  • In-person or virtual presentation
  • Targeted at parents and/or carers
  • Group size: No upper limit
  • Duration: 30 minutes

This presentation aims to provide parents/carers with the key information around student finance that they will require to support their student.

The presentation includes discussion around topics that often concern parents/carers such as entitlement calculations and loan repayments.

During the presentation parents/carers are signposted to practical steps that they can take with their student to support them with their financial journey through University.

Parents/ carers will have time to ask the team any questions around student finance or funding at the end of the presentation.

Introduction to Student Finance

  • In-person or virtual presentation
  • Targeted at staff supporting students considering higher education
  • Group size: No upper limit
  • Duration: 30 minutes

This presentations allows school staff who are supporting students applying to University to gain a deeper understanding of student finance. Staff are given an overview of how the student finance system works including how to apply, how entitlements are calculated and how loan repayments are made.

The presentation also encourages staff to think about some of the financial challenges students might face when considering a place at University and how they can be addressed.

At the end of the presentation there will be some time for staff to ask the team about any student finance or funding queries they may have.