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Window Swap Warwick

Window Swap?

We are apart. We know that and we feel that. Many of us may be stuck indoors and most of us certainly haven't seen campus for a long time. is a website we've found that can give you a little view into each other's world. A 10 minute long video looking out to another place. You might see parrots in South America, snow in Austria or even a small black cat on campus!

Want to join in?

1. Record a 10 minute, horizontal HD video (including audio) of your view with part of your window frame in the shot.
2. Make sure not to shake or move while recording.
3. Rename the video with your name and location for credits (if possible)

Submit to Warwick Presents (for publishing on this page) and (to share with the world!)

Your Windows

Claudia's Window (and Rolf!) - Coventry, UK | 22/02/21

Yuanyun's Window - University of Warwick, Coventry, UK | 22/02/21

Yuanqi's Window - Coventry, UK | 27/02/21