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Curriculum Vitae

Danielle Stewart

Physics Department, University of Warwick, Coventry, West Midlands. CV4 7AL


Telephone: 02476 574360


2008 – present: University of Warwick, Post doctoral Research Assistant, Detector Development


2008 - present: University of Warwick, IAS Early Careers Fellowship


2004 – 2008: University of Warwick, PPARC Studentship, PhD in Particle Physics

  • Title: Double Beta Decay with the COBRA Experiment. Supervisors: Dr. Y. A. Ramachers and Prof. P. F. Harrison
  • Developed a method for optimising passive shielding designs and applied it to the COBRA Experiment. Simulations were run using GEANT4 and MCNP.

  • Initiated development of an active shielding design for COBRA. Initially simulations were run but subsequent experimental work was conducted operating CZT crystals immersed in various liquid scintillators.

  • Experimental development work towards detector operation using the Frisch Collar method to improve energy resolution.

  • Data analysis work on “How many counts make a peak?” with regards to various peak finding algorithms applied to energy spectra.

2000-2004: University of Warwick, MPhys. (Hons) Mathematics and Physics, First Class
  • 3rd year group project: Superconductivity.

  • 4th year project: Magnetohydrodynamical Modes of Astrophysical Structures.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Member of the Institute of Physics.

  • Member of the International Radiation Society.

Academic Achievements/Awards

  • Poster Prize at the Institute of Physics HEPP Group conference, 2006.

  • Didier Isabelle Prize for a presentation given at the 10th Symposium of the International Radiation Physics Society, 2006.

  • Sponsorship Award to assist funding my MPhys degree from BAE Systems, 2000-2004.

  • Nuffield Science Bursary for research in to DEDPM at Abbott Laboratories, 1999-2000.

  • Gold and Silver CREST Awards.

  • Governors’ Prize for Academic Excellence and Exceptional Service to the School.

Relevant Skills and Experience


  • Basic knowledge of programming in C/C++, FORTRAN and HTML.

  • Experience with ROOT, GEANT4, and MCNP.

  • Good knowledge of LaTeX and MS Office (obtained ECDL).

  • Sound knowledge of Linux/UNIX, Windows XP.

  • Experience with Sitebuilder2
  • Assisted in authoring Warwick’s Particle Physics Group web pages.


  • Supervision and assessment of 2 small groups of Mathematics and Physics undergraduates with all 1st year mathematics lecture courses.

  • Analysis supervision and assessment for up to 30 Mathematics joint honours degree, 2nd year undergraduates.

  • Maths for Scientists examples class tutor for 12 BSc/MPhys, 1st year undergraduates – continued this role for 4 years.

  • Provided support classes with supervision and examination assessment for up to 40 BSc/MPhys, 1st year undergraduates requiring extra attention. This role required an empathetic approach to teaching.

  • Provided private Mathematics tuition for a 2nd year MPhys undergraduate.


  • Presented to A-Level students at a Mastering Physics Workshop, 2009.
  • Presentations given to the COBRA group at collaboration meetings.

  • Postgraduate seminars given at Warwick University.

  • Presentations given in 2006 at the CIPANP conference in Puerto Rico and at the 10th Symposium of the International Radiation Physics Society on behalf of the COBRA collaboration.

  • Poster presentations given at the Institute of Physics HEPP Group conference, 2006, the 10th Symposium of the International Radiation Physics Society, 2006, and the Warwick postgraduate poster event, 2007.

  • Student guide for Physics Department UCAS days. Responsible for presenting the university to prospective undergraduates and parents.

Team Work

  • Worked closely with supervisor in the experimental development of detectors for the COBRA experiment.

  • Worked as a group member at Warwick developing a low-background environment for the COBA experiment.

Time Management

  • Effectively studied for a PhD whilst training and competing for the Great Britain Age Group Triathlon/Duathlon Team.


  • Keen Triathlete/duathlete – member of the Great Britain Age Group Team.

  • Interested in numerous sports, including badminton, squash, general fitness.

  • Travel – have visited many countries through sporting competition and conferences.

  • Music – self-taught piano and guitar.




Refereed Papers

  • CdZnTe room-temperature semiconductor operation in liquid scintillator.

D.Y. Stewart, Y. Ramachers

JINST 3 (2008) P01007

  • Radiation shielding for underground low-background experiments

D.Y. Stewart, P.F. Harrison, B. Morgan, Y. Ramachers

Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 571 (2007) 651-662

  • Energy resolution improvement in room-temperature CZT detectors.

Y. Ramachers, D.Y. Stewart

JINST 2 (2007) P12003

  • The COBRA double-beta decay experiment

D. Y. Stewart [COBRA collaboration]

Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 580 (2007) 342-345

  • First results on double beta decay modes of Cd, Te and Zn isotopes with the COBRA experiment

T. Bloxham et al., [COBRA collaboration]

Phys. Rev. C76 (2007) 025501

Contributions to Symposia

  • Radiation shielding for underground low-background experiments

D.Y. Stewart, P.F. Harrison, B. Morgan, Y. Ramachers. Jul 2006. 19pp.
AIP Conf. Proc. 870 (2006) 568-571.

Also in *Rio Grande 2006, Intersections of particle and nuclear physics* 568-571
e-Print: nucl-ex/0607032

  • The COBRA double beta decay search experiment.

D.Y. Stewart [COBRA collaboration] 2006. 4pp.
Prepared for CIPANP 2006: 9th Conference on the Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics, Westin Rio Mar Beach, Puerto Rico, 30 May - 3 Jun 2006.
AIP Conf. Proc. 870 (2006) 536-539.

Also in *Rio Grande 2006, Intersections of particle and nuclear physics* 536-539