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Curriculum Vitae

General Information:

Title: Mr. First Name: YANG Surname: MENG

Email Address:


Education Background:

Sep. 2005 to Present: PhD in Warwick Business School Dotoral Programme

Sep. 2004 to Sep.2005: MSc in Management Science & Operational Research in Warwick Business School

Sep. 2001 to Mar.2004: Master in Industrial Economics in Shanghai Maritime University

Sep. 1997 to Jul.2001: Bachelor in Transport Economics in Shanghai Maritime University


Work Experience:

May.2007 to Oct.2007: Research Fellow in Operational Research & Management Science group of Warwick Business School

May.2005 to Sep.2005: MSc project in Solution Team of Exel UK Automotice of Exel Logistics Ltd.

Feb.2003 to Aug.2004: Senior Logistics Executive in Healthcare department in SembCorp Logistics Ltd.


Key Works:

The applications of agent-based simulation to the management of hospital-transmitted infection (PhD theis, expected end of 2008)

An agent-based simulation model of MRSA transmission in hospital (simulation 2008 conference paper)

Applying discrete-event simulation to the conceptual design of logistics operation: a case at Exel (Master dissertation 2005)

The economic analysis of manufacturing companies' logistics outsourcing (Master dissertation 2004)

The development strategy of AP.Moller Port Company (Published in 2002 in Maritime Intelligence)

The blueprint of Korea's development of container shipping industry (Published in 2002 in China Shipping)

The forecast of analysis of the throughput of Shanghai container port (Bachelor dissertation 2001)


Computer & Language Skills:

Modeling: Advance Excel & VBA; Anylogic; Simul8; Powersim; Vensim; @Risk;

Statistics: SPSS; Minitab;

Database and Web Application: Advanced Access; ASP & CSS for Web Design;

Other Computer Software: C++; Java;

Language: English; Chinese (Madarin)



Football, Badminton, Travel, Music