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Syed Hasan Gilani - ePortfolio

Hasan Gilani is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Warwick. He is doing his research at Business school. His academic background includes 5 master degrees, including a gold medal in MBA and distinctions in MSc Economics and MSc International Marketing Management. He is also a full elected member of Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).



The major chunk of Hasan's professional background comes from Pepsi Cola, Pakistan, as a Marketing Services Manager. He has always been fascinated by corporate branding and global brands, and when his professional career diverted towards fashion retailing, he developed interest in brand management of international fashion retailing. He would definitly contribute towards this subject through his dynamic experience, coupled with his impressive academic achievements.

He was the first ever PhD student in his first year at Warwick Business School to present a seminar at WBS Scarman road building on 6th February 2006. He has also prepared a paper on the subject as well, which is currently under the process of publication in an international marketing journal. He has been accepted to present a conference paper in International Marketing Science 2006 Conference to be held at University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

He has also been selected to present a conference paper in European Academy of Management Euram 2006 conference, to be held at Oslo, Norway in MAy 2006.

He also has an accepted to present in Korean Academy for Marketing Science Conference 2006 to be held in Korea Chamber of Commerce and industry, Seoul in June 2006. For a first year PhD student, he is doing more than a handful.

About My Research

Department: Warwick Business School

Second Department: Marketing Strategy Group

Research Group: Marketing and Strategic Management

Supervisor: Dr. Scott Dacko

Strategic Brand Management of international fashion retailers
In today's high street fashion competition fashion retailers are adopting strategies to compete and survive in order to capture and maintain market share. Being a seasonal and highly volatile market the fashion market is always vulnerable to the concept of 'fading-out'. Everyday a new design, style, fad or fashion develops and becomes hype hence fading out the previous fashion. The retailers that keep up the pace of this fast development and creativity manage to survive, while those left behind, become extinct. This paper examines the brand management strategies that fashion retailers would adopt to compete in the international market. From the process of internationalisation, to devising brand strategies, to taking the right decisions of brand management, all of the issues are equally important and carry immense importance. Although there are many dimensions of brand management, but only major themes are highlighted in this research, which prove vital for the success of fashion retail brand.

Year Started: 2005

Funding: Scholarship

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