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Previous experience and skills

My previous employment within Human Resource management was gained through working for several large unitary local authorities, a county council and a national body. This has fully developed my interpersonal skills enabling me to undertake the corporate aspect of my research. In particular, have extensive experience of engaging with and providing feedback to senior managers. Examples of my activities within these large organisations includes:

Leading on the implementation of Excellence in People Management for two directorates requiring the ability to gain commitment from managers to new ways of working.Managing the contractual relationships with designers in the build of Human Capital Management metrics. Streamlining HR processes currently in operation within the HR section of a Directorate.Leading on HR issues related to the transfer of:surplus teaching staff arising from a change to school organisation this involved reaching agreement with Head teachers and the trade unions on a transfer procedure that I had produced for staff in Middle Schools facing potential redundancyall centrally managed employees in the Education Department to a private sector organisationall employees in the Housing Department to a newly formed Housing Group.

Setting up a pay advisory service for local authorities which involved attending a number of local authority pay groups that had been established across the country to advise on methods for modernising local authority pay systems. I also compiled and analysed an annual pay survey and presented these results at national pay negotiations and regional local authority conferences.Establishing the Local Government Student Sponsorship scheme which was a national project offering bursaries to penultimate year undergraduates in return for producing a management report for a local authority. This was achieved through students undertaking a paid taster placement in the summer holidays.My MBA management project involved me working with Unilever research to tackle the problem of how to find a commercial application for a novel technology arising from radical innovation within an established technological environment. The dissertation that I produced rounded out the educational experience I gained on the MBA course by applying it to a practical management problem. I am also a PRINCE2 registered practitioner in project management.

During my career have devised and delivered a number of training sessions for managers relating to the implementation of new HR initiatives. I have previously undertaken presentations to university students on careers in local government. Recently I have attended the WBS introduction to academic practice for PG students who teach and I have the City and Guilds 7307 Teachers Certificate.

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