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Personal Development


Research Circles and Professional Membership

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) (2011/12)

The Materials Development Association (MATSDA) (2009/10)

Sub-Saharan African Research Network (SSARN), Institute of Advanced Study (2009/10 to 2011/12)

English Language Learning, Teaching and Assessment (ELLTA) Research Group, Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick (2008/09 to 2011/12)


Activites and Responsibilities

Assistant on the Warwick ELT Archive, Centre for Applied Linguistics (2010/11)

Invigilator on the Warwick English Language Test (2010)

Member of the Abstracts and Programmes sub-committee at the 12th Warwick Postgraduate Conference in Applied Linguistics (2009)


Skills Training

I attended workshops that promoted dissemination of research to academic and other audiences offered by the Research Students Skills Programme and other institutions:

Academic Writing Workshop organised by Dr. Sasha de Ville, editor-in-chief Itupale - Online Journal of African Studies, a publication of Cambridge to Africa: A collaborative network (May 7 2011)

Finding your voice: A workshop in the craft of scholarly communication by Dr. Carolyn Strange, IAS visiting fellow from the Australian National University (April 28 2009).

An interactive session with peers at the Wolfson Research Exchange involving student presentations of their research for two audiences: and opening page for an academic journal and an opening page for a general audience. My sample(PDF Document)

Related skills training sessions attended include:

Creating a literature review/literature searching techniques; Developing a critical argument: The PEA (Point, Evidence, Analysis) Matrix; Managing research material and ideas: The methodology of evaluation and selection; Engaging the reader: Writing text that is interesting to read; coherence and unity; Contextualising writing and authorial perspective: how to integrate and use own ideas; Disseminating information about your research

Other skills sessions attended include:

Women PhDs; Managing the PhD/Life Balancing act; Getting the most from a conference; e-Portfolio training; NVivo; Endnote web

I have attended several recent seminars and talks (Word Document)of wider interest to me, facilitated by the Institute for Advanced Studies, CAL research groups and other universities




Graduate School Portal

IT Services



12th Warwick Conference in Applied Linguistics, Ramphal Building, 2009

Itupale academic writing workshop

Academic Writing Workshop, Cambridge University, 2011


At the Wolfson Research Exchange, Warwick University, 2011