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  • Anxiety and the precarious subject: affect in the contemporary UK citizenship regime. Paper presented at: Europe, Migration and the New Politics of (In)security, '(Re)producing Insecurities', University of Sheffield, September 2017
  • Testing Life in the UK, producing the desirable, neo-liberal subject. Paper presented at: BSA Citizenship Study Group event, 'Citizenship and Education,' Bournemouth University, November 2015
  • The Other and the other in intercultural engagement: from authoritative discourse to dialogic possibilities for belonging. Paper presented with Dr. L Harvey at: 3rd ESTIDIA Conference, 'Dialogue as Global Action: Interacting Voices and Visions across Cultures,' Ovidius University of Constanta, September 2015
  • Situated actors, local decisions, material artefacts: drawing on ethnographic principles in discourse research on citizenship. Paper presented at: Globe 2015 'East-West European Forum on Discourse: Past, present and future of discourse studies,' University of Warsaw, May 2015
  • Securing the territorial frontier, constructing the national community: citizenship as a bordering practice in the contemporary UK. Paper presented at: 25th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN), 'Nationalism, Diversity and Security', LSE, April 2015
  • Becoming British: a critical account of citizenship discourses in contemporary Britain. Paper presented at: The Power, Discourse and Society Research Cluster, 'In the Frame? Public and Political Discourses of Migration,' University of Limerick, April 2014
  • Lewis, R. (2014). The 'Death' of State Multiculturalism: examining political discourse in post-2010 Europe. In R. Blake, and N. Walthrust-Jones. (eds). Identities and Borders: Interculturalism, the construction of identity. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press. pp3-19
  • ‘Creating the conditions for integration’: a critical examination of integrationist ideology in UK coalition discourse. Paper presented at: 'Performing Prejudice' Symposium, Newcastle University, July 2013
  • The ‘death’ of state multiculturalism: examining political discourse in post-2010 Europe. Paper presented at:, 6th Global Conference, 'Interculturalism, Meaning and Identity,' Lisbon, March 2013
  • Examining political discourse in ‘post-multicultural’ Europe. Paper presented at: '1st Annual Nottingham-Birmingham-Warwick DTC Student Conference,' University of Nottingham, November 2012