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Conference presentations

The ‘death’ of state multiculturalism: examining political discourse in post-2010 Europe. 6th Global Conference 'Interculturalism, Meaning and Identity'. Lisbon. Forthcoming - March 2013

Examining political discourse in ‘post-multicultural’ Europe. 1st Annual Nottingham-Birmingham-Warwick DTC Student Conference, University of Nottingham, November 2012

Conferences/seminars attended

Ruth Wodak, Analysing Political Discourse: a 'new face' of politics? CIDRAL Manchester University, Feb 2013

ESRC First Year Student Conference, LSE, Feb 2013

Jane Mulderigg, The Social Relations of 'Participatory Governance': corpus-based critical discourse analysis, PAD, University of Warwick, Jan 2013

Mike Hardy, iCoCo, Peaceful Relationships Between People: Cultural Relations in a World of Difference, Coventry University, Dec 2012