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Personal Development

Conferences and Meetings attended

  • 3-4th February 2011 MiB Nucleation and Growth meeting (Warwick)
  • 13-15th April 2011 MiB Creativity at Home (Motttram Hall, Cheshire)
  • 11-14th May 2011 CECAM workshop 'Grand Challenges in Understanding the Interface between Hard and Soft Matter'. (One poster presented.) (Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • 16-17th June 2011 MiB Advisory Board Meeting, Sheffield. (Two posters presented)
  • 8th February 2012 oral presentation to S3 CNR Institute of Nanoscience, Moderna, Italy.
  • 22-23rd May 2012 MiB Theme B meeting
  • 24-25th May 2012 MiB Advisory Board Meeting, University of Warwick. (Two posters presented and a short oral tutorial introducing some of the key concepts of a force-field to experimental Early Stage Researchers.)
  • 31st May 2012 University of Warwick Postgraduate Symposium (poster presentation).
  • 30th November 2012 Oral presentation at group meeting in Birmingham University (Prof. R. L. Johnston's group).

Taught courses completed

  • October 2010 PGA Part 1
  • November 2010 HECToR Debugging, Profiling and Optimising (Warwick)
  • January/Febrauary 2011 MPAGS NM1 module (Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics)
  • February/March 2011 CH926 (MOAC Molecular Modelling)
  • September 2011 NAG Fortran 95 (Southampton University)
  • October-December 2011 CY901 (Parallel programming)
  • July 2012 CCP5 Summer School (Cardiff University)

Seminars attended

  • RSC lecture program at Warwick University 2010/2011
  • Lecture by RR Naik at Nottingham Trent University (23/03/2011)
  • RSC lecture program at Warwick University 2011/2012
  • Molecular Simulation group meetings (Warwick University, every Monday 4-5pm term time)
  • CSC @ lunch (Warwick University, Mondays 1-2pm term time)

Teaching Experience

  • 2011 CH159 (Maths and Physics for Chemists) demonstrating.
  • 2011-2012 CH159 demonstrating in lectures and marking exam papers.
  • 2012-2013 CH159 demonstrating in maths workshops and marking exam papers.


  • Professor S. Corni, S3 CNR Institute of Nanoscience, Moderna, Italy (including visit to Moderna 6-17th Feb. 2012 and 14th September to 12th October 2012)
  • Dr C. L. Freeman, University of Sheffield, UK