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Academic Awards

  • AXA Research Fellowship, AXA Research Fund, Univerisity of Warwick, 2008-2011

  • UK/China Scholarship for Excellence, Ministry of Education of China and Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) of U.K., 2008-2011

  • Best Master’s Dissertation Award, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission 2008, Fudan University 2007

  • Best Paper Award, 4th JMS Conference of China Marketing Science, 2007

  • Annual Best Paper Award, China Marketing Association, 2006

  • Chinese Marketing Scholar Forum Grant, University of Hong Kong, 2006

  • Best Paper Award, 4th Conference of Chinese Psychology and the Development of the Western Regions, Chinese Psychological Society, 2005

  • People's Scholarship, Fudan University, 2005, 2001

  • Best Bachelor's Dissertation Award, Fudan University, 2004

  • Graduated Magna cum Laude, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Fudan University, 2004

  • Unilever Scholarship, Fudan University, 2003, 2002

  • Citibank Scholarship, Fudan University, 2001