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Get Started

To get started on this guide, you first have to display your own personal blog in a web browser. If you are following this guide on screen (rather than having printed it off) you will have to open a second internet browser in which you can view your blog. You will then need to switch between the browsers as you read and follow the instructions.

Once you have got your blog displayed in a web browser, you will need to sign in.

How do I open a second browser window?

On the Internet Explorer browser, on the menu bar select File, then New, then New Window.

On the Mozilla browser, on the menu bar select File, then New Window.

On Microsoft Windows computers, you can swap between windows by using the tabs along the Start bar (usually along the bottom of the screen).

How do I access my blog?

If you have bookmarked your personal blog, you can go straight to it. Otherwise, you can either:

  • write its url into your browsers address bar;
  • or go to the Warwick Blogs homepage at, sign in (see below), and a link to your blog will be displayed on the top right of the page.
How do I sign in?

Whenever you are looking at a page in the Warwick Blogs system, you will see a sign-in/sign-out link displayed in the top right of the page. If you are not signed in, click on sign-in, and type your University username and password into the box that appears.

You can now do the first step...