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How to write a tutor-only blog entry

Objectives of this guide

This how to guide will show you how to write an entry in your blog (using Warwick Blogs) that only you and a specified tutor or group of tutors can read. If you follow the steps in the guide, you will have created a blog group that includes your tutor[s]. You will have used this group to write an entry with the viewing and comment permissions restricted to that group. You will then be able to use this group for future entries.

Who is it for?

This guide is designed for students using the Warwick Blogs system. However, the same technique can be used by any Warwick Blogs user to create a blog group to control viewing and access of blog entries.

Estimated time

About 30 minutes.

How to use this guide

You can either use the guide on screen, or print off a full version. Read through the guide, then follow each step in turn.


You need to have your own blog registered in the Warwick Blogs system. You can register on this page.

Asking for help

Please refer to the Troubleshooting Page for help.

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This guide was created by: Robert O'Toole, Arts Faculty E-learning Advisor