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Using the Warwick Blogs system you can easily publish your ideas, observations and feelings onto the world wide web. In some cases, however, you may want to write blog entries that are restricted to a small group of people at the University. We call these restricted entries.

If you are reading a blog, and it contains a restricted entry for which you do not have permissions, you will not be able to see that entry. It is also hidden from you everywhere else in the system. If you do have permission to see a restricted entry, you will see a small padlock icon displayed next to its title, for example:

As a blog owner, you are able to create blog groups that contain other members of the University. For example, you may have a group that contains just your personal tutor. For every entry that you create, you can choose to restrict the entry so that onlymembers of that group can view it and comment on it. In this way, you can write entries that only you and your personal tutor can read.

This guide takes you through the process of creating such a group, and then using it to write an entry restricted to you and your tutor.

IMPORTANT: you should not assume that your personal tutor will read your blog entries, even if you have written one that is restricted to them. To ensure that they do read an entry, tell them about it - send them the url.

Now get started...