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Step 2: Specify title, category and relatedUrl

The html and javascript for the blog form looks like this:


<script language="JavaScript">

var lobjs = new Array();

lobjs[0] = "This is the first learning objective.";
lobjs[1] = "This is the second learning objective.";
lobjs[2] = "This is the third learning objective.";

var blgCategory = "PDP";

var blgTitle = "Example learning object blog";

var blgRelatedUrl = "";




1.1 The first task is to specify the entry title that you want to give the entroes that are created in the students blog. To do this, replace the text "Example learning object blog" in the code with the required title. It will then look as follows (with your title in place of "New Title"):

var blgTitle = "New Title";

1.2 The next task is to specify the category that you want the entry to go into. You should now replace the text "PDP" with the required category. If the student does not have the category set up in their blog, they will be told to create it. The code should now include (with your category instead of "New Category"):

var blgCategory = "New Category";

1.3 And finally, you need to specify a relatedUrl. This is the url that will be used to link the blog entry back to the page on which it was created. It should therefore usually be the page that you are puttin the form on. Replace the url specified as relatedUrl with the one you want to use.

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