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Step 6: Set the Get Content From property

Important! Before the form will work on your website, you will need to have it enabled by Elab. If you have not done so already, send an email to specifying the url of the page that it will appear in, and what you want to do with it.

6.1 You first need to access the Edit option for the page by clicking on Edit.

6.2 Ensuring that you have the Edit Current Page tab selected, click on the link to Edit Properties.

6.3 Locate the Get Conent From option about half way down the page, it should look like this:

6.4 Select the option to get content from a Remote Web Page, and then type the url that you created in Step 5 into the box, as follows:

Finally, you can save the changes.

Note: if your page has not yet been enabled for the blog form by Elab, it will not work properly.

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