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Lost, Damaged or new Passports and Visas

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If your passport, visa or BRP card is lost, damaged or stolen...

Please do not panic and follow the instructions below:

If you lost your BRP card, you should obtain from the local police force where the theft or loss occured:

A crime reference number if your BRP card was stolen,


A case reference number if it was lost

Lost or Stolen in the UK:

We are aware that some UK police forces have advised that they do not give case reference numbers for lost BRPs.

If this is the case, please follow the instructions given in the Application Guidance

You must notify the University of Warwick as soon as possible if your immigration permission that allows you to study at the University of Warwick has been lost or stolen.

Please click on the following link to notify the University of your lost BRP:

Lost BRP Notification Form

Once you receive your new BRP card, you must provide the University with a copy. Please provide us with a scanned copy of your new BRP (front and back) using our online form.

Failure to do so could lead to you being withdrawn from the course for failing to fulfil your immigration responsibilities.