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Lost (or damaged) passports and visas

We are sorry to hear that your Passport and or BRP was lost or stolen.
Please do not panic and follow the instructions below:
  • Please click on the following link and carefully read through the information BEFORE your submit an ONLINE CONTACT FORM or email to the Immigration Service:

Lost or Stolen BRP Flow Chart

You must get from the local police force where the theft or loss occured:

A Crime Reference Number if your BRP/Visa was stolen,


A Case Reference Number if it was lost

Lost or Stolen in the UK:

We are aware that some UK Police Forces have advised that they do not give Case Reference Numbers for lost BRPs or visa.

If this is the case, please follow the instructions given in the Application Guidance - see section on the Right / bottom of page if viewing on a mobile device.

You must notify the University of Warwick as soon as possible if your Immigration Documents that allow you to study at the University of Warwick have been lost or stolen.

Please click on the following link to notify the University of your lost BRP:

Lost BRP Notification Form.

You must present your new Passport and or BRP to the University of Warwick Study Abroad & Immigration Service Reception as soon as possible.

Failure to do so could lead to the University withdrawing you.

Can I travel whilst I am waiting for my new BRP?

You cannot travel while waiting for your new BRP, as you will not be allowed to enter the UK without a BRP. If you need further guidance and need to travel urgently, please contact the immigration service.

What if I lost my BRP in the UK but I have already booked to travel overseas over the next a few weeks?

This can be tricky.

Although it is possible for you to leave the UK without a BRP card, you will not be able to return to the UK without it.

You have two options:

1) Use the super priority service in the UK to get a BRP quicker (depending on availability you may need to travel to a less busy UKVI centre).

Once you have attended your appointment, your BRP card should arrive within 7-10 working days (although quite often it will arrive sooner).

2) make a single replacement BRP visa application from overseas (see information above), return to the UK with the single-entry visa, and apply for a BRP card once you are back to the UK.

It may not be feasible if you are travelling for holiday for a short period as you may not receive your entry visa visa in time to return to the UK.

I lost my BRP in the UK but I am nearly finished with my studies and intend to leave the UK soon, Do I have to apply for a new BRP card?

If you have less than 3 months of leave left on the lost BRP card (for example, if it is 1 September today, and your BRP card expires on 30 October), you can choose not to apply for a new one, as long as you leave the UK before your visa expiry date.

If you have more than 3 months of leave left on the lost BRP card, for example, if it is 1 June today, and your BRP card expires on 30 October, but you intend to leave the UK soon because you have completed your studies, and you are not planning to return to the UK during the period of leave evidenced by the lost BRP, OR you plan to return to the UK using a different visa category (i.e., not as a Tier 4 student), in that case read below

We can contact the UKVI and make them aware of your decision; this way you may not be penalised for not replacing your BRP. For us to contact and support you, you will have to let us know about your decision to not use TIER 4 visa and attach a copy of your plane ticket confirming your UK leaving date (use this form: Contact an International Student Adviser ) , once we have the details and the evidence from you, we will forward this to the UKVI and this way is it highly unlikely you will be penalised for not replacing your BRP.

Contact an International Student Adviser if you are in doubt or if it appears that you are still required to replace your BRP.

What if I haven't received my BRP back within 10 working days of receipt of the decision letter?

You can contact the Home Office UKVI ( to enquire the delivery of your BRP card. Alternatively, contact the Immigration Service team and we can look into it on your behalf.