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Important online MMI Information


On the Day of your Interview

Important: Please check the Device Requirements prior to the date/time of your interview. We recommend you log into Practique to check your connection ahead of your interview time.

  1. Make sure you have read all the information on this page so you are fully prepared for the online MMIs.
  2. Log in at the start of your session time at this link. Your interview will start 10 minutes after the start time of your session we are asking you to log in early in case of technical difficulties (log in will not work until the day of your exam).
  3. Your ID and password are your 7 digit Warwick ID number. You do not need to choose an exam or use a PIN code; once you are logged in the exam will automatically start when we begin it. Once the screen changes to the exam please click "connect". Please don't worry if the exam is a few minutes late starting.

Session Number

Session Timings

Suggested log in time and tech check

MMI Start time

Session 1

9.40-11.20 9.40 9.50

Session 2

11.10-12.50 11.10 11.20

Session 3

13.15-14.50 13.15 13.25

Session 4

14.45-16.20 14.45 14.55

4. You can access a timer for the exam at this link which will be started automatically when the exam starts. You can show this in a small window alongside Practique or use a second device.

Pre-MMI Preparation

Thank you for your application to study the MB ChB degree in Medicine (A101) at Warwick Medical School and congratulations on being invited to the next stage of selection. Our decision to invite you to attend a Selection Centre is based upon your academic achievements and your UCAT score.

At the Selection Centre you will have the opportunity to demonstrate the qualities that we believe are important to succeed in medicine. Our Selection Centre this year uses online multiple-mini interviews (MMIs) which will consist of six stations of approximately 10 minutes each. You will be observed and scored in each station by trained assessors. They come from a range of backgrounds including medical professionals, academics, current students and lay people with an interest in medical education.

It is essential that you watch the video below, which includes a full briefing on what to expect during your participation in the Selection Centre process, and the device checks that you must complete in advance. The assessors’ scores will be collated and at the end of the Selection Centre process a decision will be taken on whether to make you an offer of a place at the medical school.

Candidate Information Video

Candidate Information Video Transcript

Summary document with links referred to in video

Please check these device and system requirements as soon as possible, and before you run the checks detailed in the video. We also recommend that you log into Practique one working day before your MMI to check that you can log in.

If you have not already done so, please complete the following tasks as soon as possible:

  • Reply to your invitation
  • FIRST read these instructions and then complete this survey by 12.00 midday on Wednesday 9th December (this is self timed and you only have 3 minutes to complete it). Please have your 7 digit Warwick ID at hand as you will be required to input this at the start of the survey.
  • Make sure you have uploaded a head shot which is recent and the file name of the photo should be your name and 7 digit Warwick ID number. Warwick Photo Upload Link

    Images must be saved as a JPEG and the file name should be amended as above before you upload the image.

  • Upload any work experience evidence/verification that hasn't yet been provided here