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Application Fee Payment

This screen explains the various payment statuses you may see on the application tracking screen:

PLEASE NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours for the payment status to be updated after you have paid the application fee on-line or after your cheque/banker's draft has been processed by the Postgraduate Admissions Team.

Application Fee not required for this course

You have either applied for a Research based course (i.e. a PhD or MSc by Research) or a Postgraduate Award (PGA). No application fee is required for these type of applications and your application will be processed immediately.

Cannot be paid for on-line

Unfortunately your application cannot be paid for on-line. If you wish to pay your application fee for a course with this payment status please see our alternative payment methods page. If you are unable to pay your application fee through our alternative payment methods, please contact our Postgraduate Admissions team.

Pay Application Fee now

This status allows you to click on the link and be taken to WorldPay where you can pay the application fee by Credit or Debit card. You can sign out of the on-line form and come back at any time to pay the application fee. Please note: Your application will not be processed until the application fee has been received.

Payment Received

This status indicates that we have received your payment by one of the following methods:

  • Via WorldPay at the time you submitted your application
  • Via WorldPay at another time after you submitted your application
  • By you sending in a cheque, postal order or banker's draft to the Postgraduate Admissions Team
Please note:
All payments sent in by cheque, banker's draft or postal order MUST be made payable to the University of Warwick and be in UK£ sterling. All cheques and banker's draft MUST also have a UK clearing bank named on the front.


Payments made in other currencies cannot be processed, your payment will be returned to you and your application will not be processed further until a valid application fee payment has been received.