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Disabilities and specific learning difficulties

The University welcomes applications from people with specific needs and considers them on the same academic grounds as those from other candidates. It is helpful to know about your specific needs in advance so that we can discuss any appropriate reasonable adjustment with you. Applicants with specific needs are encouraged to contact the Disability Co-ordinator, Tel: +44 (0) 24 76150641 or Email:

If you are unsure which option best describes your condition, please refer to this table:

No disability:  You have no disability
Social/communication impairment:  You have a social/communication impairment such as Asperger's syndrome/other autistic spectrum disorder
Blind/visual impairment:  You are blind or have a serious visual impairment uncorrected by glasses
Deaf/hearing impairment: You are deaf or have a serious hearing impairment
Unseen/long standing condition: You have a long standing illness or health condition such as cancer, HIV, diabetes, chronic heart disease, or epilepsy
Mental health condition:  You have a mental health condition, such as depression, schizophrenia or anxiety disorder
Specific learning difficulty: You have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or AD(H)D
Physical/mobility issues: You have physical impairment or mobility issues, such as difficulty using your arms or using a wheelchair or crutches
Other conditions not listed: You have a disability, impairment or medical condition that is not listed above
Multiple impairments/ conditions: You have two or more impairments and/or disabling medical conditions

Equal Opportunities Monitoring

The University is committed to ensuring that applicants are selected for admission on the basis of their academic qualifications and/or relevant professional experience. Completion of this section will help us to ensure that our policies and procedures are effective in avoiding discrimination and promoting equal opportunities in admissions. The information you provide will be used for monitoring and statistical purposes only. Please help us by completing the following questions.