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Exploring British Culture | Short course at the Summer School at Warwick University

Exploring British Culture Week

If you would like to extend your Summer School experience and would love the opportunity to engage with key themes in British culture through lectures, interactive seminars, and related cultural trips, then you should consider our additional Exploring British Culture Week. 

This week is available to a small group of students and is offered on a half board basis. It gives you the opportunity to live on our beautiful campus for an extra week and explore the UK including an overnight stay in the capital city of London.  

The key themes include Shakespeare, British history, and politics in the UK, all of which are supported by excellent teaching from Warwick staff and with a relevant field trip for each theme. Student ambassadors also support this programme, living alongside you for a week and joining you on trips and social activities. 

Students will also have the opportunity to grow more confident and competent in communicating in English and developing through engagement with an enterprise project. This will involve working in groups on pitching a sustainable start-up. Experts in business and sustainability will input on this project and provide group feedback to students. 

Key Information

Dates: Saturday 6 - Saturday 13 July 2024

Fees: £2080

Discounts: Students joining the Exploring British Culture Week will be eligible for a 25% discount on their Warwick Summer School tuition fees (cannot be combined with other discounts).

Eligibility: There are no entry requirements for this course - the course is open to students aged 18+ joining a Warwick Summer School course in 2024

Full terms and conditions are available here.Link opens in a new window


Students will receive an introduction to the programme and a campus tour


The Exploring British Culture Week includes 16 hours of teaching and project work. There will be lectures on Shakespeare, British Politics and British History. All of the lectures will provide an insight which will help you to make the most of your cultural trips. 

Enterprise Project 

For the Enterprise project students will work in groups on a project to pitch a sustainable start-up, the sessions will include team working, communication, project preparation skills and reflection and peer review. The project will include input from sustainability experts from Warwick and industry and lead to a group presentation which will be judged.  

Alumni Guest Lecture

There will be a guest lecture on the programme from an international Warwick Alumnus.

Please note changes to the syllabus and teaching team may be made over the coming months before exact set of topics are finalised.