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Join AIESEC Warwick!

Since its establishment at the University of Warwick in 1982, AIESEC Warwick has been contributing to students’ extra curriculum by hosting key events throughout the year, including career development, leadership awareness and national competitions, as well as encouraging students to lead by example through professional experiences in an intercultural environment, or volunteering for a social project abroad. Our members are interested in world issues, leadership and management, and they learn to act in ways that are sustainable for our organisation and the society.

In the academic year of 2010/11, AIESEC Warwick sent over 40 students abroad on global internships, allowing them to enjoy participation in cultural exchange activities. We also promoted diversity in the local area by bringing in international interns to companies in Coventry and Warwickshire, with a global graduate scheme much appreciated by our partners.


For the Academic year of 2011/12, AIESEC Warwick constitutes four functional areas, which will be managed by 17 executives and 50 core members.

OGX – Outgoing Exchange: OGX provides exchange opportunities available in AIESEC to students at the university, by establishing international projects with LCs from abroad, in addition to recruiting, interviewing and matching Exchange Participants (EPs) for international placements. AIESEC Warwick realized 60 global internships in the academic year of 2010/11; receiving recognition from the global network, as well as ultimately being awarded the best Local Committee in UK for delivering student to work abroad.

ICX – Incoming Exchange (Business Development): ICX aims to raise traineeships with local companies, to be filled by EPs coming from abroad. This is achieved through networking at various commercial events, cold calling, and face to face meetings with the enterprises. In the academic year of 2010/11, AIESEC Warwick raised 8 traineeships in Coventry and Warwickshire, allowing the Local Committee to be among the top for ICX in the UK.

TM – Talent Management (Human Resources): TM is responsible for ensuring a good AIESEC Experience for their members, covering aspects such as organizing skill sessions, tracking member progress, providing mentoring for all new members, and running the weekly Local Committee meetings. TM provides outstanding members with reward and recognition

ER – External Relations (Sales & Marketing): ER’s main purpose is to host leadership and career development events, which are open all students at the university. Last year, AIESEC Warwick organized own Career Fair, Developing Leaders Day, and Leadership Tournament. ER is also in charge of managing campus branding and marketing, as well as bringing in corporate sponsorships to fund events.