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My Warwick mobile app privacy statement

My Warwick is a mobile app available for iPhone and Android phones, and also as a desktop web app. When you download and install the app on your phone, or use the desktop version, the following information about you is recorded in our logs:

  • The date and time for each time you use the app.
  • The preferences you set, such as tile layouts, alerts you've chosen to mute, location preferences, colour scheme and so on.
  • Your search history for the Warwick website.
  • The history of all the alerts you've been sent by the app, and of the activities tab.

This information is needed so that, for example, if you switch to a new phone and install the app there, everything can be restored to the new phone as it was on the old one. Similarly if you view the desktop rendition having previously used the app on a phone, everything on the desktop will match what's on your phone because of the way it's stored on our servers.

Other points to be aware of when using the app:

  • The My Warwick app on a mobile phone sends alerts for upcoming events. You can choose what kind of events you want to receive alerts for, but you can also turn off this function entirely by using your phone's main settings screen to disallow the My Warwick app from sending any alerts at all (or, of course, by uninstalling the app).
  • The app asks for permission to access your location. We use this data only to show your current position on the campus map if you open it. When we show your position on the map, your location data is sent anonymously, so we never hold any data which personally identifies your location. If you don't want any kind of location service at all, hiding the map tile will stop any location requests from being made.
  • If you want to, you can set a preference in the app for the area in which you live (eg on campus, Leamington, Coventry, etc). If you specify an area in that way, we'll use that setting to send you alerts and news specific to that area, but not for any other purpose. You can change or remove this location preference at any time.
  • If you can't (or prefer not to) install the app on your phone, but would still like to receive My Warwick alerts, you can specify a mobile number to send your alerts to as SMS text messages. If you do this, we'll use the mobile number you provide only to send My Warwick alerts to, and we won't share the number with any other application or with any third party. You can turn off SMS alerting at any time.
  • If you'd like to check where the information displayed in My Warwick is coming from, there's a list of all the sources it uses available.