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Online Module Registration Privacy Statement

If you use Online Module Registration (OMR), then the following information about what you do is recorded:

  • The modules you select, together with (if applicable) the CATS score, Assessment Group (AG) and Occurrence you select for them.
  • The fact that you pressed the Confirm button.
  • The time when you last made any change to the system, including visiting the system for the first time in the academic year.
  • For members of staff, if you Approve a student's choices your identity and the time you did this are also logged.

Module registrations (selections) are used:

  • By the Academic Office in the preparation of your examination timetable and your transcript of marks for the year
  • The fact that you have registered for a particular module may also be used to send targeted email (email sent to everyone registered for that module).
  • Module registrations may also be sent to any academic department that you have chosen modules in, for their internal use.
  • Staff (including support staff such as departmental secretaries) in academic departments can view your module registrations for administrative purposes. If you are a student and need to make a change to your module registrations at a time when OMR is not open to students, you can ask your tutor or departmental secretary to do this.
  • Module registration data is used (in an anonymised, coded format) to fulfill the University's statutory obligations to the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).
  • Module registration data is also used in an anonymised format by the University to inform its resource allocation of HEFCE Teaching grant and tuition fee income to academic departments.

The log of all your changes and the times when you made them may be used by the Academic Office in the event of any dispute.