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Warwick Volunteers Certificate

When you complete 15 hours or more of volunteering activities with Warwick Volunteers over the academic year, you will receive a Warwick Volunteers certificate.

Only hours accrued this academic year are included. This includes time spent travelling to your activity, planning lessons/activities, creating resources, attending training courses and volunteer meetings for the project you have volunteered on. The volunteering activity should make up a minimum 75% of the total hours.

To receive a certificate you will need to:

1. Register with an opportunity listed on our website
2. When accepted as a volunteer you will see the opportunity listed in the Log Hours section where you can add the hours that you volunteer
3. We will check the hours you submit with the Project Leader or the key contact for your volunteering activity.
4. Once you achieve 15 or more hours you will be able to download your certificate from the website.

HEAR ( Higher Education Achievement Report)

If you are an Undergraduate who has volunteered for 15+ hours you will have your receipt of a Warwick Volunteers certificate recorded on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report). The HEAR is a document which will appear with your degree transcript, highlighting extra- curricular activity you have taken part in whilst at University.