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University of Warwick T-ERA: Submission for Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Round 5 Funding

The Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies Laboratory Group, led by Professor Bob Critoph, has formed a business consortium to bid for Innovate UK funding for utilising low carbon technologies to provide affordable and sustainable heating for social housing.

The title of the bid is “Smart Micro Heat Networks with Gas Absorption Heat Pumps.” The Building consortium comprises of the following partners: a social housing Company, a gas heat pump supplier and a company with expertise in smart building controls. The consortium submitted a bid on 28th June Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Round 5 for a feasibility study.

The feasibility study would involve instrumentation and monitoring of the current energy use and customer behaviour in a social housing complex identified by the housing association company. Data analysis by Warwick will be used to evaluate the potential to contribute significantly to energy affordability, security and reduced carbon emissions, by retrofitting the social housing with a small district heating network with gas fired heat pumps and energy storage together with state-of-the-art control systems.

For more information on our Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies Laboratory, visit their website.