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By 2030, Warwick will be one of the world's exceptional universities, helping to transform our region, country and world for the collective good.


Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction campus image and link to how the University will be in 2030

In this strategy, we imagine how we will be excellent in everything we do and how our excellence will be channelled into a renewed purpose and impact.

Strategic Direction


Warwick's Core Purposes


We begin with our aspirations in our core purposes of:




Warwick in 2030

Our University will be larger in 2030 than now, both in our student population and our research. That growth will be sustainable and will never compromise on quality. Our growth will be particularly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but will also build on our other existing strengths across all our disciplines.

Warwick in 2030


Grand Challenges

As a result of the new University Strategy “Excellence with Purpose” the Council and University Executive Board identified “Grand Challenges” for the University to address in the coming years. Some of these are addressed through work to develop strategies for our four Strategic Priorities; some are cross-cutting challenges; and others relate to specific academic departments.