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Guidance for international students

Self-isolating after arrival

When do you need to self isolate?

There are three main reasons you may need to self-isolate which are covered on our main page for all students.

One of these reasons is if you have arrived in the UK from a country which is outside of a UK travel corridor. If you have then the UK Government require you to self-isolate for 10 days on arrival. This self-isolation can be undertaken when you reach your final point of residence in the UK, so in your student accommodation on or off campus.

Find out about the UK Travel corridor

Where can you get support?

We are here to support you during your self-isolation period.

You can also see UK Government advice on how to self-isolate when you travel to the UK.

See Government advice on self-isolation

How can I get supplies?

If you need to pick up additional supplies, where possible you should ask housemates or other contacts to get these supplies for you and transfer them safely to you. Some student societies may be able to help.

Food deliveries

In the UK, there are various food delivery options from supermarkets. The link below will give you more information about the different supermarkets and what you need to make an online grocery order with one of them.

Find out how to get food deliveries and more

If you are on campus, the University has put arrangements in place for online ordering and delivery to your bedroom door. You will be contacted by the Residential Life Team via your Warwick email address if you are eligible for this service.

If you choose to bring some food with you from home for the first few days please make sure that you look at the UK customs regulations about what you are allowed to bring into the country. In particular please do not bring any meat products into the country in order to prevent the spread of African Swine Fever.

UK phone numbers and supermarkets

Please note that most UK supermarkets seem to ask for a UK phone number when you set up an online account with them. The University is lobbying supermarkets to relax this requirement as it may be difficult to get a UK SIM card before you move into your accommodation to self-isolate.

At this stage we would advise you to consider how you could get a UK phone number as soon as possible. Possible ways of doing this include:

  • Ordering a UK SIM card before you arrive, for example from giffgaff. (Giffgaff will send a free UK SIM card anywhere in the world)
  • Signing up for a virtual UK phone number before you arrive, for example from
  • Buying a SIM card when you arrive at a UK airport. Note that many retail outlets at UK airports are operating shorter opening hours than normal.
  • For general advice about getting a UK mobile phone, visit our Student Funding webpage.

What if I cannot get supplies?

If you cannot access supplies at all, contact your Resident Tutor if you are a student living on campus, or, Wellbeing Support Services if you are a student living off campus. Our teams will be able to support you.

Additional note for students who have just arrived in the country and are self-isolating for 10 days: If you are on your own with no one who is able to get supplies for you, and provided you have not been instructed by the NHS Test and Trace to self-isolate, you are currently permitted to break your self-isolation to obtain supplies but you must go straight to and from the shop, wear a face covering at all times and maintain your distance from other people, and purchase supplies for your full 10 day period. You should not be visiting the shops multiple times during your self-isolation period. This permission to break self-isolation on arrival does not extend to the other two reasons you may need to self-isolate.

Further information can be found on the UK Goverment website for advice on self-isolation.

How can I stay connected with other students during self-isolation?

Any students who need to self-isolate have a dedicated channel in the Global Connections Community, where they can virtually interact with other students about a range of topics.