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Programme Overview


Registration in Slate Foyer

Session 1: Collaboration and Innovation: Challenging our Assumptions and Building on Success

  1. Opening and Welcome by Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research), Prof Kerry Kirwan

  1. Short Networking Activity to get people talking by Centre for Facilitation

  1. Outline of the STEM Connect and reaction to the "assumptions" from the networking activity programme by Director, Prof Mark Williams

Session 2: The Assumptions of Collaboration

A "fireside chat" type session where the facilitators will explore with 4 of the "showcase" team their own assumptions of collaboration, what it was like in reality and a couple of tips for effective collaboration

Session 3: Learning to Collaborate

An interactive session to explore what are some of the main lessons about collaboration that helps make it a success

Session 4: Successful Collaboration

A presentation from Showcaser Team E&F about what they learnt from their collaboration, how it helped make innovative breakthroughs and their success factors

Menti poll to conclude to identify which of the success factors were most similar to those shared in the groups during Session

Session 5: Innovation and Beyond

Each table gets allocated one of the recent innovations from Warwick and has to generate ways that these innovations could be applied in different settings


Refreshment Break

Session 6: Innovation Breakthrough

An exciting “show and tell" about an innovation breakthrough involving Showcaser Team E&F with some interaction using Menti or other quick interactive devices

Session 7: Opportunities for Collaboration

Exploration of "how might we?" questions that the industrial partners would love answers in small teams

Session 8: Newer opportunities

Showcase session with G&H

Session 9: Opportunities we would love to explore

A final interactive session that that might develop some consensus of ideas that could be taken forward to explore


Reflections on the Day

Highlights for the post lunch activities


Architect Fly Through Demo and Photos

Run the fly through and finish with a fire side chat style of questions to find out some of the unique challenges and requirements of designing for this type of project with sustainability in mind



Opportunity to use the VR headsets and chat to the architect


Tours and Networking