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TA Cook Conferences: Events marketing internship

TA Cook Conferences worked with Employer Connect recently to recruit an intern from the University of Warwick. The internship was a success for both the student, who gained experience in events management, and for the company, who benefited from valuable additional support during a particularly busy period. Find out more below.

TA Cook Conferences

TA Cook Conferences is the events ‘arm’ of TA Cook Consultants, a management consultancy specialising in asset management. The company runs its own commercial events, offering best practice case studies on a variety of maintenance subjects, and also works in cooperation with SAP on a number of international conferences relating to their applications and solutions.

The internship

TA Cook identified a business area within the organisation which would benefit from the resource of a high calibre internship and which would provide an opportunity for a Warwick student to gain valuable work experience in an events and marketing office. During the placement, the student was exposed to a variety of events marketing tasks.


Clare Treverton, Senior Event Marketing Manager, TA Cook Conferences

“The internship proved highly successful and was very helpful to reduce the heavy workload at a busy time...The student showed initiative where required and was confident in making telephone calls, sometimes to foreign locations where English was not the first language...It was very easy to work with the University concerning all logistical arrangements. Emails were responded to without delay and the process to complete timesheets was easy to follow.”