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About Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

About Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a collaborative project involving a business, an Associate (a graduate / post graduate) and a University. They focus on growing business capabilities and are an invaluable means of transmitting knowledge and expertise in a variety of different companies.

They facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology and the spread of technical and business skills. For academics, they offer an opportunity to develop long-term relationships with industrial partners and enrich business-relevant research.

Aims of KTP

  • To transfer knowledge and skills from the university to industry
  • To develop graduates for industrial careers
  • To increase industrial relevance of academic research and teaching
  • To encourage investment by industry into innovation

Benefits to Companies

  • Employment of a highly skilled graduate on a strategic company project
  • Access to academic expertise and university facilities
  • Improved competitiveness and financial benefits from completed projects

Benefits to the Academic and the University

  • Development of collaborations with innovative businesses
  • Development of business-relevant teaching materials
  • Generation of conference material and high-quality research papers

Benefits to the Associate

  • Opportunity to lead on a project central to a company's strategic development
  • Competitive salary
  • Allows knowledge and expertise to be used to tackle real life challenges; being a driving force behind positive and enduring change
  • Opportunity to develop education, knowledge and training
  • Mentoring from experienced university and company staff