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Research and Engagement

National Automotive Innovation Centre

Research and


Explore how our research, industrial engagement and outreach ecosystem can help reinforce your partnership with Warwick.

Research Priorities

We are addressing pressing global challenges through interdisciplinary and collaborative research. From healthcare to sustainability, we aim to make a positive and lasting difference to society by combining academic excellence with real-world impact.

Knowledge Exchange

Our activities facilitate the exchange of expertise, skills, and ideas between academic researchers and external partners. By fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and society, we aim to deliver innovation, economic growth, and societal impact.

STEM Grand Challenge

A multidisciplinary initiative that aims to enhance our outstanding research and education by providing cutting-edge facilities that bring together research from science, technology, engineering and mathematics to foster greater innovation and partnership with industry.

Research and Impact Services

Support for academics and researchers, including funding advice, project management and impact assessments.Our dedicated team provides expert guidance to help researchers maximise the impact of their work, enabling them to make a real difference to society.

Our Role in the Region

Our research, education, industrial engagement and outreach activities contribute to the prosperity of the region. We are committed to fostering economic growth, social development, and cultural enrichment through partnerships with businesses, community organisations and local authorities.

Warwick Institute of Engagement

Our hub for promoting and supporting public engagement with research and knowledge exchange activities. The Institute engages with the wider world by helping staff and students to benefit from co-ordinated initiatives including training, mentorship and events both on and off-campus.