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Fusion Fest




We were delighted to launch Fusion Fest on Tuesday 5th March, an action packed day of activity and a celebration of our brand new Esports Centre situated on the main Piazza, Rootes Building right next to the SU, Arts Centre and main campus-based amenities.

Fusion Fest featured a full day programme for students, staff and the general public and included staff competitions, society takeovers and plenty of opportunities for attendees to play and test out our high-spec gaming equipment.

The programme of activity included:


11am-1pm – FESTIVAL OPEN

  • Free Play on PC’s, Consoles & Racing Sims
  • HADO (Rootes Restaurant)
  • Racing Society Takeover

1pm-3pm – Staff Esports Lunch Break

  • The New Era – Opening talk with Esports Centre
    manager Kirk Hastings
  • Staff Typing Tournament
  • Staff Racing-Sim Fastest lap challenge
  • Staff Casual Consoles/ Board Games
  • HADO (Rootes Restaurant)


2:30pm-5pm - Society Takeovers

  • Nintendo Society: Console Zone
  • Esports Society: PC Zone(s)
  • Motorsport Society: Racing Arcade Zone
  • HADO (Rootes Restaurant)


4pm – Warwick v Waterloo: Rocket League Varsity

  • Watch on the BIG screen
  • HADO (Rootes Restaurant)


5pm – VIP Event Arrival/ Welcome Activity

Event Attendees can enjoy:

  • PC’s
  • Consoles
  • Racing Sims
  • Board Games
  • Hado (Rootes Restaurant)

*Please note the centre will be closed to regular patrons 6pm-9pm due to the VIP launch event taking place*


9pm-11pm – Centre officially Open



  • Free Play

    Visitors played on our gaming equipment for free. and experienced the ease of use and the quality of hardware the Esports Centre has to offer.

  • HADO

    Visitors experienced HADO, a team sport played with up to three people on each team using head-mounted displays and armband sensors. Each game lasted 80 seconds, with the ultimate goal being the team with the most points at the buzzer winning.

  • Staff Casual Consoles/ Board Games

    University staff engaged in casual console and board game session with games such as FIFA, MarioKart and Switch Sports.

  • Staff Fastest Lap Challenge

    University staff took part in competitions on our Racing Sims with the aim of setting the fastest lap around the track. These are some of the best racing sims available for commercial use and visitors certainly felt the power of true force feedback.

  • Staff Typing Tournament

    Staff took part in group typing challenges against their fellow University of Warwick colleagues

  • Society Takeover

    Racing, Esports, Nintendo & Motorsport societies got together as they took over a section of the Centre running game-related activities.

  • Waterloo V Warwick

    We partnered with the University of Waterloo (Canada) to bring a new international varsity. Warwick Esports Society's Rocket League team. Spectators watched on our big screen as we took on the Waterloo team!