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School Experiences

discover your digital career

inspire through esports

A memorable day at The Esports Centre

Discover the Future of Education at our School Esports Days – where students dive into an immersive world which blend learning with play. Our cutting-edge program integrates esports into the curriculum, fostering collaboration, strategic thinking, and digital proficiency.

Work Experience Sessions

Esports allows for careers in a range of fields from player management to broadcasting. Its versatile platform allows for aspiring casters, graphic designers, videographers, tournament organisers, producers, hospitality workers, marketing teams, journalists, coaches and, of course, players to develop their skills to name a few. Your students will get a chance to produce work covering the above career opportunities before being plunged into life as a competitive esports player.

Great for:

  • Year 9/10/11's considering their GCSE/ A level options
  • Sixth-Formers looking for an engaging chance to visit a University campus

Student Esports Sessions

Your students will be learning all about the £3.38b Esports and gaming industry before organising and competing in their very own LAN tournament using their favourite competitive games including Rocket League, Fall Guys and Fortnite. Whether it be a knockout tournament, a series of divisions and brackets or a Battle Royale format, there can be only one winner!

These sessions can be tailored to each age group for students aged 8+

Great for:

  • Start-of-Term icebreakers/ End-of-Term celebrations
  • Team Building
  • School Sports Teams

Need To Know:

  • These sessions usually run from 10am-2pm meaning you can fit this experience within the hours of the school day.
  • We have 24 High-Spec Gaming PC's in our centre so groups bookings of 24/48 are most ideal. We often accommodate 48 students at one time and host other activities in another space nearby.
  • Food options are available on campus, alternatively, your students are welcome to bring a packed lunch with them.

Explore how our School Esports Days level up the classroom experience, unlocking the full potential of every student. Embrace the digital era with us!

These sessions are available to book from March 2024.
Please get in touch with us using the form below to begin your booking or to find out more.

    Contact us today

    The skills sessions start after we return from March!

    • Full day experiences where participants will see into the creative industries, be taught essential digital software, and develop their teamworking!
    • Collaborate with other schools across the area, whether its to enhance team-building or even some healthy competition, we welcome schools to partner up and come along to the experience together.
    • Access to permanent learning materials after the programme that can be used to educate students and parents on the opportunities in the creative and digital industries.

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