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Meet our coach

We have three coaches in centre focus the different types games from League of legends to Rocket League. Personalised training to improve your performance. Individual and team sessions available.

customize your own expierence in centre

  • All our staffs are DBS checked.
  • Our coaches tailor the different package for different ages group.
  • You can customize the course based on your level in the games.

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About Suket

Hi, I’m Suket, also known as “sushi.” and I’m a professional university Rocket League player. I’ve played competitively in scholar tournaments for the past 3 years, with the 2021-22 year being my first at the university level. I first got Supersonic Legend in Season 3, with a peak MMR of 1950. I am usually quite an aggressive player, and very mechanical on offence. My previous history of coaching includes a few replay analyses, and coaching my ex-high school team, with them showing notable improvement almost instantly.

Notable Results: Multiple 1st place finishes in the High School league, Top 4 NSE twice in a row, NUEL Winner in Summer, Top 8-12th in EURC - and I aim to get even more top finishes!

Beginner course

Ideal Ranks:

Bronze 1 to Silver 3


You’ve just started playing Rocket League, and realise this is the game you want to get better at. And a good choice - Rocket League is a high-intensity fast-paced game! However, you’re struggling a bit to get better and start to wonder if this actually is the game for you. But no need to worry - I’m here to make you think otherwise!