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Applying to study History of Art

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History of Art at Warwick

By studying art in the context of history we can gain new insight into the perceptions and intentions of the maker, as well as the times in which it was produced. Visual literacy is essential in order to engage appropriately with the communications of society. Artistic works are better appreciated and understood when experienced directly.

Undergraduate courses

BA in History of Art

BA in History of Art with Italian

BA in Italian and History of Art

Information for Offer Holders

For more information contact admissions tutor Dr Jenny Alexander (jennifer dot s dot alexander at warwick dot ac dot uk).

Postgraduate courses

MA in History of Art

Graduate Diploma in History of Art

Research degrees

If you would like further information on postgraduate study in the department you can contact Professor Michael Hatt, the department's Director of Graduate Studies.

History of Art in Venice

Study in Venice

During the Venice Term, academic staff from Warwick are based in the city. With an emphasis on studying works in situ, a range of subjects and periods are covered. Opportunities presented by current art events are also important, including exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale.



As well as a basis for an academic career, a degree in art history is a prerequisite for many key posts in museums, galleries, heritage services, auction houses, and fine art publishing. Moreover, the course will equip you with skills, knowledge and perspectives that can be used in many jobs outside the art world.

Parents and guardians

The University has a dedicated page for the parents and guardians of prospective students which provides a summary of the information resources available to applicants.

Schools and Teachers

The University has a dedicated page for teachers of potential students.

Seminar Room

How to Apply

The University Admissions team provides guidance on the application process:

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses 

International Admissions