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16 Feb 2021

From:PGREnglish, Resource <>
Sent:16 February 2021 11:59
Cc:Mason, Emma <>; Varma, Rashmi <>; EnglishHoD, Resource <>; PGREnglish, Resource <>
Subject:Funded COVID Extensions Policy
Dear all,
I hope everyone is coping in the lockdown and that you're taking care of yourselves as well as finding ways to continue your research. We do understand what an exhausting and difficult time it is for PGRs, and we've lobbied the University to find ways to help compensate for missed time. The University is now offering funded extensions to PGRs. The details are online Funded COVID Extensions Policy Phase 2 ( and include a number of different scenarios, from needing a few more weeks, to how sick leave is recorded, to requests for additional funded time.
If you have any queries about this, please do contact our Director of Graduate Studies, Dr Rashmi Varma, or myself.
Best wishes,

Professor Emma Mason
Head of Department, English and Comparative Literary Studies
University of Warwick