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Covid-19 updates


Teaching and Learning guidance for this academic year is online here. We will continue to contact students via email with updates, and archive all communications to the right of this page.


Please be assured that the department is continuing to work hard to put processes in place for your teaching and learning experience in term 3. The University is constantly announcing measures for term 3 in their student newsletters. We will summarise decisions that affect you here. We're aware a lot of information is coming at you, and so have redesigned this page to highlight the newest updates, and to summarise decisions already made.

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Advice for PGT students

Guidance for students on cancellation of face to face teaching and assessment

The health and wellbeing of our students and colleagues remains the department’s first priority and we continue to review all of our work in relation to Covid 19. Most MA modules are complete by the end of term 2, although individual tutors will be in touch with students who have outstanding teaching about how they will cover this in term 3. Dissertation supervision will continue as usual with face-to-face meetings offered through MS Teams or other appropriate platforms. We can also talk to you on the phone if you are having computer problems, so please do ask.

Still have questions? Please contact


The University have implemented an automatic, 2-week extension for all coursework currently in progress: your new deadlines will be automatically updated on Tabula. We are still waiting for guidance from the University on whether Dissertations will be eligible for the automatic extension.


The Library is now closed, but updates from our library link, Kate Courage, on how you continue your studies are posted here. We understand that the range of material you can now access is limited, and we will take this into account. It may help to know that more than 50% of the Library's books, and 75% of its journals, are available digitally.

Dissertation supervision

Supervision for your MA dissertations will go ahead as usual via MS Teams. Please do contact your supervisor so you can arrange meetings as usual online or over the phone if you cannot access a computer.


We understand that students will experience many challenges and difficulties working on and submitting all assessments during the current crisis. We respect that library closures and a lack of internet access may have impacted on your ability to complete work as you would normally do. Please be assured that we will be marking with the conditions under which you’re currently writing and researching in mind. English and CLS will consider the impact of all factors when marking assessments so that you are not disadvantaged. We recognise that these factors include lack of access to internet, books, resources, and libraries; lack of quiet places to study and write; financial challenges; being involved in caring for others; decline in mental health; and feelings related to being displaced, unsettled, and frightened. Some of you are also recently bereaved and we are especially aware of how deeply distressing this period is for you.

We do understand some of you will have had other difficult circumstances because of this crisis, and encourage you to tell us about them through Mitigating Circumstances as usual (see the Senior Tutor's email from 1 April 2020, and his update for PGTs on 4 May 2020). You will already know from the University's PGT newsletter that we are using an enhanced Mitigating Circumstances procedure this year, and will also use scaling where appropriate ("scaling" means the adjustment of marks for an entire module cohort carried out on a particular assessment item so that the marks better reflect the achievement of the students as defined by our mark descriptors). We will also ensure that marks are carefully scrutinised at Exam Boards with our MA External Examiners. If you have any questions about how this works, please do contact Dr Rashmi Varma, our Director of Graduate Studies; or Professor Emma Mason, Head of Department.


The Library is now closed, but updates from our library link, Kate Courage, on how you continue your studies are posted here. We understand that the range of material you can now access is limited, and we will take this into account. It may help to know that more than 50% of the Library's books, and 75% of its journals, are available digitally.

Help and support

Please continue to contact your personal tutor, the Senior Tutor (Professor Dan Katz), and the University’s wellbeing support services if you would like further advice and guidance. Please also stay up to date as the situation progresses with advice and FAQs at and use the NHS 111 online service if you feel unwell.

Advice for PhD / Research Students

Funded COVID extensions policy

For information on the University's support package for PGRs, please go to this page for information on the processes to follow for applying for additional time to complete your thesis.

PhD upgrades and vivas

More information regarding upgrades will be posted here soon. If you have any queries with the below information, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Rashmi Varma, or the Postgraduate Programmes Officer, Emily Brannigan by email ( or

Will my thesis be examined at the moment?

We are working hard to ensure that the PhD examination process runs as smoothly as possible given the current circumstances. We are aware that the situation may change and we may need to adapt our processes to reflect different ways of working – this page will be kept updated with any changes to the examination process.

How can I submit my thesis while I’m away from campus?

See HERE for current guidelines.

The Doctoral College will confirm receipt of your thesis by email. However, please be aware that they may be operating with reduced staffing levels so it may take a little longer than usual to process your thesis.

What if I can’t submit my thesis on time?

If you are unable to submit your thesis due to the current situation you can request an extension of your registration period via eVision (Student Records Online). Further information on the process is available at:

I’m in my correction/resubmission period and unable to work on my thesis due to COVID-19. What can I do?

If you are unable to meet your deadline for corrections/resubmission you can request an extension – please email your request, setting out the reason and length of extra time required, together with support from your supervisor and Director of Graduate Studies to 

Online alternatives for PhD / research students

We will explore alternatives for feedback, supervisions and progress given staff and students are now required to work from home.

For the duration of the restrictions we face, we will support postgraduate students’ research and writing towards their doctoral theses and dissertations through alternative means such as email and, where appropriate and feasible, videoconferencing.

Postgraduate researchers should continue to be proactive in seeking advice from their supervisor(s) on their projects and continue to maintain good progress in accordance with the stages agreed with the supervisor(s) and in accordance with the department’s monitoring procedures (e.g. upgrades and progress reviews).

In practice, this means:

  • maintaining email contact (using your Warwick email account) with your supervisor(s), personal tutors, directors of graduate studies etc. regarding feedback and arranging supervisions by videoconferencing and/or telephone appointments;
  • ensuring as much as possible the usual rate of supervisory interaction (as described in the PGT and PGR handbooks);
  • maintaining your Tabula log of supervisions, noting any necessary adjustments that have had to be made in light of the epidemic (e.g. the unavailability of library sources for which there is no online equivalent, cancellations or postponements of events);
  • discussing with your supervisors and upgrade- or progress-review readers what alternative arrangements can be made for the conduct of the review; (for PhD vivas, please contact Dr Rashmi Varma, Director of Graduate Studies).
  • submitting dissertations and assessed work online as instructed according to advertised and agreed deadlines;
  • notifying the department of any persistent or serious difficulties with online access.
Travel and living away from the University

There is no international travel on University business from 16 March 2020. In our student community, we know many of our international students have already decided to return home for the time being to be with their families.

Where international students cannot go home, we will continue to provide on-campus accommodation and support.

Travel home will normally be regarded as travel for personal reasons (as opposed to travel on university business). If you decide to travel, please ensure you do so on a well-informed basis, following Public Health England (PHE) and Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice which is shared via the University’s webpage on coronavirus at

International students must also check on any implications for their Visas: