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Forthcoming Sessions and Events

The Horror Stories of Arthur Machen

The first reading group session of the 2013/14 academic year will focus on the horror stories of Welsh author Arthur Machen (Arthur Llewelyn Jones), with a special emphasis on two of his short stories, Novel of the Black Seal and The Red Hand. Machen (1863-1947) was a writer of supernatural and horror fiction whose decadent stories provoke and challenge the reader by the way in which they address themes of spirituality, sexuality and death. Machen's peculiar aesthetics and his disdain of materialism have sometimes encouraged the labelling of his work as Neo-Romantic.

The two short stories on which the session will focus can both be read online, free of charge. Novel of the Black Seal can be found on The Project Gutenberg and The Red Hand can be found on

The relevant details of the session are:

Date: tbc
Venue: tbc
Time: tbc

Hope to see you there!

Arthur Machen

Photograph of Arthur Machen around 1901