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Gothic Literature Reading Group

About the Reading Group

The Gothic Literature Reading Group was conceived as a space for postgraduate students to pursue their interest in the Gothic, as a genre, mainly through discussions and debates about literary works which can be conceived of as 'Gothic'. In our sessions, we look at Gothic literature in the extensive sense, from the early Gothic of the eighteenth-century and the 'second-wave' Gothic of the nineteenth century, to the arguably 'modern Gothic' works of the twentieth and twenty-first century.

Please check this page for details on upcoming sessions and events.

Information about past sessions and events can be found here.

Join our Facebook group to discuss further reading suggestions, related articles and organisational issues.

Contact the organisers: Maria Cohut (M-S dot Cohut at warwick dot ac dot uk) or Christopher Yiannitsaros (C dot Yiannitsaros at warwick dot ac dot uk).

The Gothic Appeal of Nick Cave


Trois moines se mettant à l'abri d'un orage sous le fronton d'un tombeau by François-Marius Granet (1775 - 1849)