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You are expected to attend all seminars.

Always let your module tutor know if you have to miss a seminar through illness or for any other personal reasons.

The University has a policy regarding sickness absence for students. In brief this states that students should self-certify absences caused by sickness for absences of up to seven days, except where the absence is at a time of significant assessment. You can do this by obtaining a personal sick note (self-certification form) from the reception at the Health Centre and completing it yourself. Please submit the form to the Postgraduate Programmes Officer.

A doctor’s note/medical certificate is required for absences of longer than seven days and for examination purposes.

If a student is likely to be unwell for a longer period, he/she should be advised to take temporary withdrawal from his/her course of study under University Regulation 36 - Governing Student registration, attendance and progress.

Further information is available on the Examinations Office website.

If you are a Tier 4 visa holder, please inform the Postgraduate Programmes Officer when you plan to be away from the University for a period of time of more than 3 months.